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Model PM-150VSL
Mixture Capacity
Drum Capacity
150 Liter
260 Liter
Size (mm)
[width x length x height]
1,770 x 910 x From 1,000 to 1,700
Drum Size (mm)
[diameter x depth]
φ900 x 420
Weight (kg)400
Motor Rotating:Three-phase 200V-1.5KW
Lifting:Three-phase 200V-0.75KW
Blade Rotation SpeedFrom15 to 40rpm
(speed controller)
Material Stainless steel SUS304.
Remarks 1-Handle fan-shaped slide valve.

How to Unload [PM-150VSL]
Easily operated with a single lever.
This type of valve, while not water-tight,
allows the operator to extract just
a little bit of the mixture at a time.