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Model PM-33EN
Mixture Capacity
Drum Capacity
100 Liter
Size (mm)
[width x length x height]
1,160 x 860 x 900
Drum Size (mm)
[diameter x depth]
φ730 x 330
Weight (kg)120
Engine Subaru Engine EH17-2B
Output 2.6kW when it is 1500rpm.
Blade Rotation Speed40rpm (When engine is 1400rpm)
Material Steel
Remarks With Loading Guard.
Runs on gasoline.
Use it even when there is no electricity!

How to Unload

PM-33EN is the edge curl of the drum is widely made.
Wide curl edge drum

[Comparative example]
PM-38G is the edge curl of the drum is straightly made.
Straight curl edge drum