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Model PT-3N
Mixture Capacity
Drum Capacity
50 Liter
105 Liter
Size (mm)
[width x length x height]
1,310 x 600 x 920
Drum Size (mm)
[diameter x depth]
φ370 x φ570 x 570
Weight (kg)60
Motor Single-phase 100V-300W
Rotation Speed50Hz=22rpm : 60Hz=26rpm
Material Drum is Polyethylene.
Blades are stainless steel "SUS304".
Another is steel.
Remarks The material doesn't adhere because
the drum is made of polyethylene.

Inside of drum
Inside of drum

Mixtures of fodder
Mixes materials related to livestock, fish farming, and shellfish cultures.
Mixtures of fertilizer
Mixes material related to agriculture, gardening, and fertilizer.

Mixtures of concrete
Mix concrete for cinder block or brick walls.
Wash rocks
Wash rocks or gravel for walkways.